Lets get Feeling


Winter has claimed the streets and our wardrobes but it doesn’t have to conquer our souls. I am guilty of running away from minus degrees out of shear pain, but I had an insight with the thought ‘ what coldness does’. Like the cold that makes our toes numb and eventually leads to frost bite, we can be victims of going cold in life. When it just hurts too much, we become numb. It’s not that we purposely don’t want to feel, but its that we are tired of feeling the way we do, so we turn off. We don’t like our jobs, our relationships, our life situation and because we don’t feel like we can change it we end up cold like the day after an ice storm. However, just like your toes can warm up against a cozy fire and come back to life again so can you. All you need is to focus on what makes you warm, what stirs the passion in you. Whether is be art, painting, dancing, sports, music, friends, good sex etc.
When your turned back to feeling and our tingling with life you are engaged and create positive situations. Turning yourself off from your life only makes you a bystander. When you don’t feel what you are feeling and you don’t allow yourself to know what is good/healthy for yourself, it effects your life path; and you may end up going the wrong way. It is only by being connected to yourself that you know what you like and don’t like, which leads to what you want and don’t want, and ultimately to the decisions that will change your life. Feeling is good, feeling is living and proves your alive. Being a zombie never got anyone anywhere but to their next meal of brains. So come out of surviving, and come back to living. Your life may be less than ideal now, but it doesn’t have to stay that way and it wont if YOU make the changes necessary. What caused the winter freeze in your life may be scary to deal with but it is only by facing the problems that we can move though them on to spring.

So lets defrost, shall we?


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