You are the Future


We live, we die and then we are born again….

Reincarnation, its a phenomenon thats been around for centuries, and in this present era has became more well known by Edgar Casey. Many are skeptical but I am one for believing in rebirth. There are examples of it in the Bible and many other religious texts; and I have had my own personal experiences with it. For example, I travelled to places in Peru I remember vividly but have never been there previously. I also had visions and saw detailed memories, which I later researched and was precise in recounting the information that I saw. Talk about shivers…
I see the body as a vehicle, that allows us to live experiences and to grow and learn as a soul. However, like any car once it gets rusty, its time for a change up. We get attached to our bodies and we abuse them because they aren’t beautiful enough or good enough and it causes us suffering and yet we are not the body. Just as a driver is not the car. The driver will always be there but with a different car and so our soul will be in continual existence; we will be in the future but with a different body, a different life and a different perspective.

The point I’m trying to get to is that we are the future.

I have listened to politicians focus on making ends meet and not thinking about the consequences for future generations. I have heard people say “well I don’t care I wont be alive then, it wont effect me, its not my problem etc”. But if you look at it through this perspective, it is! What we create will effect us later on and perhaps next life we wont have such great circumstances. We don’t know where our next life will be and I am sure none of us wants to be born in a country where there is so much environmental damage from consumerism in developed countries that you cant breath or eat the food you grow. So we should care about the environment, about what political decisions that are being passed because this shapes our future environment as well as the present. There is no running from karma and what goes around will come around.
I know this concept of reincarnation may be a little crazy for some but if one does take this perspective the problems become a bit more real, because its not affecting future generations, its effecting YOU. You are the future generation.
So, I will conclude, that if you care about your well being, care for others. By being responsible citizens now, we create a place that can be a heaven on earth, rather than a hell on earth tomorrow. The present moment writes the future, and it is only by changing yourself that you can change the world.

Vote, inform, listen, care



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