Musical Thoughts


Music has immense power that can transform emotions, unite humanity and is found in every culture around the world. Music allows us to tap into alternate states of consciousness and to express emotions through the sense of hearing. Music penetrates into our hearts and it can break down barriers internally and externally. Music is the collection of particles in an organized form. All is music from the beat of the heart, to the waves of the sea and the steps of feet upon blades of grass. The source of all music is Om and it has the power to heal the body and the mind. Yoga of music is one of the easiest way to follow the path of Bhakti (love and devotion). The ego blocks wisdom and knowledge but it can be accessed when music clears the way. True knowledge comes through intuition which comes through devotion. By letting music takes us away, it clears our hearts and allows us to surrender and let go of our restrictions. It energetically opens us.

Music cleanses the mind and the energy channels (nadis) and so it allows us to have more harmonious thoughts ( if we listen to high vibrational music). Our thoughts are important because they create the mental world around us. What we think we become. What we focus on, we create. What our thoughts tell us is how we see the world. If we are happy we will see situations as more positive etc. Heaven and hell is here and now and we create it by the the thoughts we think. By thinking those thoughts it leads to actions which lead to habits. To change our habits we have to come to the root which is to change our thoughts. We cannot run from thoughts because we will have to face them in the dream world and after death. Thinking negative thoughts hurts our body (causes disease), hurts others and harms all humanity (creates a negative atmosphere). Whereas, thinking positive improves our body, helps others and improves the global atmosphere. Change your thoughts and it will change your karma and your character.

Listen to positive, inspirational music to uplift you. Eat healthy whole foods and avoid low vibrational foods that are full of preservatives and also meats like pork and beef. ( if suitable for you try vegetarianism because it is non-violent and will allow you to rise to a higher vibrational level). When you have a negative thought flip it and think the positive opposite. Write a list of all the bad habits/thinking tendencies you have and try to work on one each week/month.

Be patient and kind to yourself.


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