Quantum Physics

A presentation was given by Lothar Schafter, who recently wrote a booked called ‘ Infinite Potential’  which was fore-worded by Deepak Chopra. I will briefly and to the best of my ability try to simplifly the lecture that was given. 

To find happiness and harmony we need to understand the laws and order of the universe. However, because they are not visible we need to discover them. Quantum physics is trying to understand these laws and to learn about the interaction of what is visible and that which is invisible. There is an invisible background  that is holding the whole physical world together. ( Basically this relates to MAYA in sanskrit). Our physical world is made of particles, which prefer to be in a wave state. Waves have no position in space and in actuality are space itself, which we cannot see. John Ewbank created an instrument that allowed scientists to measure the interactions of electrons. ( electrons are patterns of information). 

Particles and waves have different qualities. Particles are static, discreet and like spots. Whereas, waves have a length and frequency. When electrons are alone they become waves, they cannot be waves when the interact. Particles do not take a path, if they take a path they become a wave. Waves and particles interacting help to hold the physical world together.- therefore we have duality ( wave and particle state). Observation does not create reality, reality it always there it just may not be visible.

Empirical things are always somewhere. We are 100% one place and 0% another place. However, we do not know how particles leave the visible world and how they do it. .

There is a realm of forms that is behind the mind called the collective unconscious, it is this impersonal nature that is identical in all human beings. It is this, that makes us all one. We all have the same medium of spirit, a realm of wholeness. 

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