Huichol Natives: Shamanism and Meditation Techniques

ImageThe Huichol Natives live in Mexico and are still honoring their traditions which were never infiltrated by the Spanish conquistadors. The are the only group of Natives that are still practicing their PRE-COLOMBIAN TRADITIONS.They are still using plant medicine and ancient techniques of healing. They call themselves ” The healing people” and for good reason. There spirituality is centered around love and they have never had a warrior caste, instead of fighting they would move to remote areas. I will briefly summarize some interesting points and below there will be meditations from their tradition.

The foundation of their beliefs are based on 4 powers.

The power of love, the power of physical ( having a relationship with the physical body and the body of Mother Earth), psychic power ( developing the power of intuition and connecting with all of creation) and the power of intelligence ( living in the right way, being a good person). These powers surround the heart which is envisioned as a blue deer.

There is a myth of the Deer and how it emerged from the sea and is the power of love.  The Deer represents the highest self. Their beliefs have a  major emphasis on nature and the power of creation. Everything is sacred and to be valued. There are the tree people, the winged ones (eagle), the waters (beauty) etc. Humans are an extension of Mother Earth as our body contains the 5 elements. We have the power of free will but must cleanse our hearts. Our hearts must become as clear as crystal. Here is a crystal meditation you can do that is from their tradition and some other very powerful meditations. 


Sit with the crystal. Ground yourself into Mother Earth, feeling your spine branching down into Mother Earth. Hold the crystal horizontally and breath love into the Crystal and hold the crystal up to the sun. Then point the crystal down and pierce the Earth and send the love from the Sun into the Earth. Then hold it horizontally again and do 5 circles around with the crystal where you just put it into the ground (clockwise circles- this sends light to all the elements). Then put the crystal horizontally at your heart again and the Earth is giving you love. Then point the crystal up and hold it to the sun to give the Sun love as well. Through this meditation you are the intermediary and develop a sense of calmness and connection to all of creation. 


Our throat holds fear, our stomach holds anger and our heart holds jealously. Get rid of these emotions by envisioning light in these areas or one specific area you would like to work with.


Feel your spine connected to the Earth. Envision a circle around your heart and in it there is a deer. Face North and envision that this deer will take away any negative quality you wish to get rid of. Follow the deer and let go of the negative trait. Then ask the d


eer to bring you something positive. Do this well clapping a steady beat, hitting a drum, or using a rattle. Do each direction-North, East, South, West. The deer represents love and your highest self. You can do this exercise every week once, but not every day. Observe the changes that takes place, it is very powerful. 

Love Meditation:

Visualize love entering your feet as you walk on Mother Earth. Then see the light from the sun coming down through your body to your heart, filling your heart with light and then back to the Earth again. Become literally love and light. Practice this with bare feet:)

Love is Mother Earth

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