Permaculture and Spirituality


Nature is divine in itself and it is by working with nature/ divine that we create abundance. Our natural systems need help and permaculture is here to provide the answers with simplicity and compassion.

” when one advances confidently in the direction of their own dreams, and endeavours to live the life which they hath imagined, they will meet with success unexpected, and in common hours.” Follow your heart and the dreams you have and you will be successful, because the world is working with you.

What is permaculture ?
It is a way we can take care of the world and take care of ourselves.. It is sustainable, fair and creates something for the future. Permaculture works with the surrounding environment and uses the natural systems. Live in a way that is healthy for the environment. Leave it in better condition than when you arrived. If we all did that as humans our world would be healthy. There are simple techniques which can help change the area is be healthier for the soil and flora. Being creative with what you already have. Where you want to grow more, what you need more of etc. A tree can be of service in more ways than providing shade, it can have vines grow on it and hold life etc. originally permaculture was about soil, now it’s about relationship with water, energy, homes, buildings, money and business, community, work, entertainment and ourselves.

Good books to check out:
Introduction to permaculture by bill Morrison
Gaias garden by Toby hemenway


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