Earthing- Back to the Roots

We are surrounded by Electronic Magnetic Rays; from our cellphones, to computers, to radio, to wifi, to bluetooth. Our body is also an electrical system with the main battery as the heart and we emit frequencies as well. The danger is that we are not aware of all of these external rays that are affecting our bodies and knocking them off balance which is causing illness and disease in the body; from cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression etc.

We are energetic beings and so all this energy has an effect on us on a mental and emotional level.

To help us energetically we can use Bach flower remedies ( using the vibration of flowers, very powerful), Vitamins, acupuncture, energy healing, meditation, silence, gemstones, grounding, homeopathy and the most essential Earthing.

The Earth has a negative electrical potential and therefore we get  grounded and neutralized when we walk or sit on the Earth. Causing all of our energy that is disarray to become organized again. It also helps to reduce inflammation which is the root cause of many disease ( especially heart disease).  Because of how we live in the modern world we do not get neutralized by the earth often. Rubber soles, wood floors and being indoors keeps us from Mother Earth. The best way to take advantage of her medicine is to walk barefoot, sleep on the ground when possible and avoid any insulators like glass, rubber, synthetic, wood, asphalt and plastic ( in your clothes, footwear, or when laying on the earth) .

I was reflecting on this whole disconnect we have with Mother Earth presently and I thought it was interesting that the cultures with the least amount of disease usually walk around barefoot quite often and are more connected to the Earth through farming practices. They also have low mental illness, if at all, and feel more fulfilled and happy generally than North American/ Western cultures. Whereas, western cultures wear shoes all the time creating a barrier between themselves and the Earth.  It is like the shoes create a wall that is causing us illness on the physical and mental level because we cannot feel our roots, our connection to what sustains and gives us life. As well, it seems the more a culture wears shoes the more distant they are from the earth and the more they take advantage of her and see her as a commodity to be consumed.

So get back into the rhythms of the Earth:) wake up when she wakes up, sleep when she sleeps, feel her when you walk, grow some food by your own hands in her soil. Get to know her, cherish and value her and rebuild your relationship with her. She can heal you, she is waiting right under your feet.

Check out these websites and books to get more information on this.

Great book:


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