Ayurvedic Solutions for Beautiful Skin

As our bodies are unique and have individual characteristics, so does our skin. Our skin is affected by the type of Dosha we have and the combination of the elements within our bodies. I have listed the Doshas below and if you do not know your Dosha you can do an online quiz or read previous articles that I have explained the Doshas.

Vata- ( tends to tan easily, but is thin and so is prone to wrinkles and dry skin)
Outer- moisturize with oil.
Inner – beneficial to eat oils and butter
Secret- Learn to love routine and take time for rest and stillness.
Oils: Jojoba, sesame, rose hip, avocado.

Pitta- ( warm to the touch, is sensitive and tends to be irritated easily)
Outer- smooth and protect with oil
Inner- hydrate and cooling foods
Secret- cool out, relax, and be less competitive and aggressive
oils: Sunflower, coconut is very good, jojoba, Shea, meadow farm

Kapha- ( cool to the touch, soft and moist, tends to be dull)
Outer- gently stimulate
Inner- eat light and not late
Secret-keep moving in mind and body
oil: jojoba, apricot, grapeseed

Most of all remember to appreciate and love your body. It is a gift from Mother Earth to you. What you eat you shall become and so treat it with love and feel the love back:)


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