In the age of Kali Yuga where is the divine?


The lives of human beings have become more technical, complicated, and material than ever before. We are in the age of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness ( according to many eastern traditions).
There is emotional and moral turmoil but basically we are in ignorance of our true nature. We identify with our bodies more and physically we are more dense then ages before. As we do not identify with our spirit but rather with our bodies, it creates suffering on many levels. Not only do we have to suffer that our value comes from our outward appearance but we will eventually die. Additionally, this causes us to look outward for gratification and to take life very seriously as we think that everything we do in this life is to be materially successful.
This race to be materially abundant has caused us to loose our connection to the earth, to treat the Earth as a comodity that can be used and abused like an object. Instead of seeing the earth as a living, breathing and thriving expression of life. Physically, we are disconnected because most of us do not grow our own food and depend on corporate farms. Emotionally and spiritually we see God as a Being (Christianity- after the destruction of pagan/ pre-christian religions, God was placed into the hands of a few and now seen as a Man)  rather than the creative life force that is nature and that surronds us. What is divine? Is it a man? Or Is it flowing in the rivers, whispering in the wind and singing from the vocal cords of a canary.
That which is above dualism, that which creates and maintains this whole universe is here and now, surrounding us. Yet we have been taught that god rests In a human form and so our minds have been formulated to believe that we must worship and praise something outside of ourselves. Rather, then that which is all around us and which makes up every molecule and atom in our body. This powerful energy of creation is within us and it is through connecting back to our selves that we heal our connections with the earth. We are all interconnected, everything is sacred. The world is a temple and when we see it like that instead of just having what is special in a church we live Respectfully. We are creators and our outer world reflects our inner world. It’s time to reconnect, it’s time to heal our relationship with the earth.

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