The sun rises and sets, with each glorious day that unfolds we are given a gift to explore and make our wildest dreams come true. From the depths of the forests that house ingenuity and pure expression, we too can bring our creativity forward to create a life that has not only been breathed but has fulfilled its potential to be a masterpiece. We all have something special to offer and it is by finding the perfections in the imperfections that we come to accept who we truly are. As humans we have the ability to create and like vines that intertwine we can choose the connections we make that will lead us to rise or to fall. We choose what trail we wish to take and it is up to us as we gaze at the opportunities which road we want. We can take the easy path or the hard path. It’s not the destination that’s important, we are all going to the same place but it’s the journey of how we get there. From the tests and trails of character, we may end up bruised and broken but it’s the will of the human spirit that keeps going after the dead end that makes someone amount to greatness. There is no end, just another way, a continuous cycle of interchanging roads and it is up to our work of life (art) how we will proceed. Don’t give up, don’t accept “no” as an answer, you can do it. You have to believe, because if you don’t believe in your own dreams how can you expect anyone else too? Be so convincing that it’s a fact and that which was only a dream will become material. Do what makes your heart pump with excitement that makes your eyes wide and washes away any form of being jaded. See the extraordinary in the ordinary and life will never be dull. It’s all here and now, your potential is here and now. In a seed rests a forest. You can create whatever you believe you can. So aim high, for the only limits you have are the ones you impose and accept for yourself.



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