Excess of Busy

Running, texting, calling, organizing, driving, thrashing here and there. Constantly on the move without a moment of being. Our world is trying to function at a faster rate than I believe is healthy for a human being. Living so in- tune with technology, we are forgetting that we cannot keep up with a device that never needs to sleep or have alone time. Technology depends on a battery charge and can always continue to work if given electricity. However, as humans we are not machines. We need time to reflect, analyze and to just be. Yet, I see that this ‘idea’ of society we are living in has produced a lifestyle where we always have to be ‘producing, creating, doing’ something. If one is not productive, time is wasted! We cannot compete with machines, we are not machines (Although, even our cellphone may have some down time when its recharging) .The days where one has nothing to do and can completely accept it and allow themselves to be is what living really is. Completely accepting the moment and oneself and not needing to prove, not needing to do anything to be ‘accepted’ into this social domain. When there is silence, peace and stillness then we are able to reflect and make sense of our experiences. When we are constantly doing and moving, we are only creating experiences and do not allow time for the passive act of reflection. There needs to be a scale of balance, one of action and one of inaction.
I recently discovered now difficult it is to tame the mind when we are in a mode of constant stimulus. There is so much information impacting us on a subconscious level that we are not even aware of; from Facebook, internet, cellphones, apps, advertising and our external world. As much as the mind and body is active, it needs time to relax. Its okay, you don’t have to feel guilty and if it makes you feel better schedule in time where you will ‘relax’ aka ‘ do nothing’.
It is better to take small doses of chill time than to wait for a burn out. If you relax and ‘recharge your batteries’ you will be more productive in all areas of your life and will generally be happier. Being too busy doesn’t allow you to enjoy each activity because you are rushing on to the next one and lets face it, life happens in those activities. So if you don’t embrace it, life will just fly by.

So heres some things that I’m trying out that may work for you as well.

– make a priority list of things that need to be accomplished. Keep it minimal, this is meant to be for things that MUST be done. Estimate how much time this will take for each activity and schedule them in
– make another priority list that is just for you. Things that are super important to you that if you don’t have time for, you don’t feel complete
– schedule in ‘you time’ at least once a day. Be it an hour or 30 minutes where you are able to focus on your activities.
– turn off your phone and devices at 9pm, thereby you have enough time to disconnect and get ready for sleep.
– do only what you want to do. Do not be afraid to say no if it is not in your best interests. Time is valuable and you should do it doing things you love and are benefitting you. If you do something feeling pressured it will only create resentment.
– yoga and meditation. The best ‘doing’ something. Calms and allows for reflection.

‘As much as there is action, there should be inaction”

‘ There is no such thing as too busy, if its important you will make time for it”

“if your too busy to laugh, your too busy”

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