RE- CONNECT: Passions are actions that the soul craves.

There is always an active and passive phase in life. A time to reap and a time to sow. Everything operates in cycles like the seasons and as winter is steadily creeping upon us I feel it is time to get back to writing! I took a hiatus from writing this summer due to the amount of overload of my schedule. However, I am ready to continue and will be posting about important insights/experiences/exercises that I undergo to share then with all of you (as I am completing the certification process to be a Kundalini yoga teacher).

Carrying on –This summer really taught me the importance of balance and that as much as we ‘go’ we must ‘rest’. When there is constantly stimuli coming externally we are unable to hear our inner voice/ our inner needs. I know for my self I become more influenced and more prone to make poor decisions when I am just getting by energetically. I learned that for me when I stop writing I stop listening. I stop hearing that inner voice as I stop making time to make that connection with that aspect of creation that exists within me.
This experience has shown me that it is fundamentally important to have a time to connect with ourselves in whatever way we do it; whether it be writing, dancing, singing, praying, playing an instrument etc. A way of uniting with that divine creator within us that is waiting for us to let go and become one.

So as I reconnect with this aspect of my self, I ask you, what makes you happiest? When do you feel your best? When are you able to let go and just become your activity?
— If your feeling disconnected, confused, disillusioned, unsatisfied; When was the last time you did something you really loved doing? Have you taken time in solitude to reflect and refuel? Are you living a balanced lifestyle of work and play?

Passions are actions that the soul craves.


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