The Circle

We live in circles, we cast them and we sit in them. Our lives are a never ending circle of birth and death from our own being to our experiences. We are in need of reconnection with this geometric shape of unity. As woman in pagan traditions we casted the circle as a power force, to channel and to release all that no longer held true to our foundations.
As Halloween is here it is a time to again draw the circle. To invite Spirit into our lives at every moment, to express grief for all those who have passed to the other realms, to articulate and send out our prayers and wishes and most of all to connect. To connect with our sisters and brothers, to form community and a network of support on this earth journey.

Coming together to create a portal of connection and love. To believe in our manifestations and allow them to unfold from above. Truth, abundance and purpose. To free flow and allow the divine knowledge to channel through. To articulate, center and let our reason not dictate the truth of our being. To allow the hearts spoken world reach its destination.. Into another’s soul, let it collide, let it take hold. Let us become more. Let all doubts and fears castrate to the ground floor, to be absorbed by the Earth’s core.

Move in unison, a cosmic dance of creation, burn and flow from remission to our new destination.

Our pure potential, trust in your intuition, souls purpose there is no other reason.
Love, hearts kiss and feel the unity.
I am, so mote it be.
Let it ring true for all to see


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