I wanted to share this beautiful prayer I found that can be said before we eat. I know its common in many traditions to say ‘grace’ before meals or give thanks before we eat, however how many of us actually do ( with full presence and awareness) this practice?

I have found that when I do consciously look at my plate and really see what I’m eating it makes a difference, instead of just consuming it. For example, recognizing that my meal has probably been through a hundred or more hands to get to the way it is presented, from the lands that were tilled, the seeds that were planted to it traveling to the store or market where I bought it. Its a beautiful way to practice mindfulness and it will make the food taste better!

Another practice I would like to share is exploring your blessings. When waking up in the morning and also at night, mentally explore what you have that your thankful for and lucky to have. There is a difference in knowing your blessed and feeling your blessed! The way to get to the feeling part is day by day recognizing how fortunate you are and eventually that feeling will seep in. It makes such a difference, you’ll be happier and attract more blessings into your life!:)

Much love,
Sat nam


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