Ka’Malas — Sacred Jewelry designed and made by Thalita Angelika


Ka’Malas are divinely inspired through meditation and channelling the creative energy of Shakti that flows through all beings.

Maha Ganesha

Maha Ganesha: (left)

The remover of all obstacles for whatever we wish to achieve. This is a combination of rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, amethyst, tigers eye, aventurtine and a silver ganesha pendant.




Kali (above)

The goddess that removes the ego and liberates one from the cycle of birth and death. She is fierce and powerful, never letting any obstacles get in her way from the goal she desires to accomplish. She is the manifestation of shakti in its most courageous form.

This Mala’s energy has been meditated on and created specifically for this intention.

When one conquers death, one conquers life. When we can face fear with an open heart, we can truly love. It is in the contrasts of existence that we find unity, wholeness and truth.

I have used a combination of rainbow obsidian, rudraska seeds and carnelian with a brass humming bird skull.

Rainbow obsidian’s energy helps us to dive deep into ourselves, to find the parts that need healing and bring them to light, it is by recovering and healing from all emotional wounds that we elevate our consciousness.This is a stone of rebirth and illumination. For when we can see/feel love even in the darkest moments we are centred in truth. RO is also very protecting and grounding, it helps to cleanse the aura and align the chakras.

Rudraksa seeds are the tears of Shiva and revered as very sacred in India. They are very protective and help to protect the aura which is very important when one is undergoing intense meditation or around chaotic, dense energetic environments.

Carnelian is the stone of courage. It’s energy is confidence and encourages action. It helps to overcome fear to take the necessary action to change ones life.

The brass pendant is a bird skull that represents birth and death and that even what is not what we classify as beautiful is. That all is equal in the eyes of God and that everything is impermanent.


Xel Ha- (left)

A combination of clear clear and turquoise. It is the mall of the sky and sea. That with wholeness, pure communication one can achieve unity and peace. Turquoise is a sacred stone in many cultures and quartz helps to magnify its healing qualities. Turquoise is a stone of good luck and happiness.


” EK ONG KAR” ( Above)
– combination of rudraska seeds, rainbow moonstone, tourmulated quarts and rutilated quartz.
** The energy of this mala balances the feminine and masculine polarities so that one can feel unity and recognize that all is one. The buddha pendant is from Thailand and has been through many buddhist retreats.


Maha Shakti, (above)

In the still of the night, in the great void, our conscious waits for us to open our eye and see. It is by travelling inward, into the depths of our being that we find truth and wholeness ( Turquoise and rainbow obsidian) . It is with courage (carnelian) we move forward even when our ego quivers with fear, because it knows that the truth is near. We are infinite and cannot be limited, our deepest desires can become reality, because we are the creators of our destiny. When our will is aligned with God ( rutilated quartz) when our heart and mind dance as one, we become one.
This Mala will protect you while you dive into yourself and your truth ( rainbow obsidan) It will amplify your intentions and help to bring them into form ( clear and rutilated quartz). The energies of this mala operate on all chakras and focus on grounding and clearing while also allowing that energy to be transformed and cleared.
May you be guided, loved and treasured.


The lioness of God, (above)

In the etheric realm she moves, with focus and intent. Her courage vibrates through her from her heart, for who is seated there but the Divine itself.She is a princess of God and when she lives in harmony with her higher purpose all is possible. When she surrenders to the right of her crown, she becomes infinite. And her love can eradicate fear. She is the lioness; powerful, majestic and beautiful and capable of anything she loves.

Mother of Gaia

Mother of Gaia- (right side)

The fossilized shell ( ammonite) . It has all the stones for each chakra and is very grounding. Great for those that wish to do spiritual work but stay grounded at the same time. As ammonite(the shell) is very historic and millions of years old it is very connected to the ancient past and holds the Fibonacci sequence ( sacred geometry) There is faceted clear Quartz( manifestation, cleansing, healing) rainbow obsidian ( diving into the subconscious, taking negative qualities and turning them into light) , Tigers eye ( balance, practicality, strength, courage), red agate ( security, passion, root chakra), orange agate ( creativity, sexuality), yellow jade ( strength, clarity), aventurine ( healing, heart Center, love), jade ( good luck , prosperity, healing), lapis lazuli ( akashic records, third eye, intuition, truth), amethyst ( divine connection, peace, crown chakra), rudraska seeds ( cleanses Aura, protection )

It’s got a lot aha. It’s a powerful mala brought about my channelling the divine mother. By connecting to the earth we find the connection to our selves and our truths. It is by delving into our essence do we find what the purpose of our life is and how to bring that into physical manifestation.

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