Who am I?

Who am I?

Who is this ‘I’ which constantly changes and evolves. Who is this ‘I’ which can observe and witness itself?

My “I” has changed. Recently, undergoing a rebirth,  a change in perspective and a letting go of old outdated belief systems. It has been a continual process like that of a growing seed that multiplies cell by cell until it is a fully blossoming flower, slowly changing with great results.

I am no longer the person I used to be. I am that I am. I am nothing more and nothing less. I am the observer, the witness. I am not my judgements, beliefs or experiences. These are all passing and changing and truth is that which never ebbs or sways. My identification rests with the quiet stillness, the place of consciousness that is like a still lake on a quiet evening. Calm and beautiful, peaceful and harmonious. From this place, my senses interact, yet the ‘ I am’ is not effected.

My ego is still present. It tries to limit, sabotage and protect itself. When it remains observed it looses its power. The soul becomes stronger and the guidance of truth becomes clearer. Destiny becomes inevitable as one surrenders to the flow of life.

The process of blooming to ones highest self continues, for the highest self is infinite. The journey is forever unfolding and that is the beauty of life, the beauty of existence.

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