Tonglen Meditation for Healing the Earth

Hello Earth Children:)

I will be starting a meditation daily for the planet Earth’s healing and I wanted to extend the invite out to all earth lovers.
It can be done for 5 minutes any time, anywhere.
It is based on a tibetan buddhist technique ( tonglen). 
So this is it.

Breathe in pain, breathe out healing
Breathe in ignorance, breathe out enlightenment
Breathe in sorrow, breathe out happiness.
Breathe in frustration, breathe out peace.
Breathe in suffering, breathe out contentment.

Breathe in your suffering, then people you knows suffering, then the whole planets suffering, keep expanding including the universe and then breathe out all happiness and beauty.
Be a transmuter. This is the purpose of this meditation.
By working to heal others you heal yourself.

I have been experimenting with this and it really is powerful and it opens you up. Instead of shutting off because something is painful it gives you the power to change. Thats what our world needs. People that are stepping into their power and are courageous and not afraid of the dark, but are BEACONS OF LIGHT:)

(You can breathe in anything you like if it is angry, disappointment etc. Doesnt have to be just what I stated above, it can be anything you personally are going through). The point is to take what is negative and make it positive. You can also do this when you see someone suffering on the street. Breathe in their pain and send out healing and then expand to encompass everyone.

I believe that if we get enough people doing this it will have an effect.
By creating more peace in our lives, we create more peace in the world.

Who’s with me?

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