Flying isn’t Cool Anymore

Climate change is a hot topic right now, no pun intended.

Finally, many of us are thinking about how to reduce are carbon footprint while still living a ‘comfortable life’. A.K.A We will give up some things, but not the things ‘we really care about’. Oh, Al Gore we know it was the inconvenient truth for a reason but let’s just play dumb a little bit longer 😉

There is discussion of using less electricity, buying electric cars, shopping less, eating less meat etc. All great things! But something that is still being avoided even in the “forward thinking unconventional ‘hippy’ groups’ is air travel.

“I’ll be vegetarian but there is no way I will stop travelling (flying), that’s who I am man.”

Mid 20’s white male from the Mid West,USA discovering himself in Asia.

“Travelling is a part of me, its who I am, its my lifestyle, I will never stop traveling…” Have you heard someone say this? Think this or even say it yourself?

Travelling is very much like an addiction, craving the next adventure, the next place, the next experience. Problem is that it’s the major cause of carbon admissions and even so called ‘environmentalists’ don’t want to look at this.

I know, because I was (am) one. “It is much like A.A, I will never fully be free of the travel addiction, but I am trying to move forward in my life in a different way ya know”.

My whole identity has been wrapped up with travelling since I knew there was an ‘I’. My parents were nomads and I followed suit in diapers probably with chronic travellers… ( sorry TMI)

Much of my personality, experiences and life choices have been formed because of the travelling that I have done and the experiences that I lived through because of it. Its who I am man! Who would I be without it?

In the world of digital nomads, living your dream and the fantasy of travel we are caught in-between. It can be very hard to give up the ‘dream’, the palm trees, the instagram posts, the post-vacation tan… But ohh, the planet is dying… “Well, there is nothing I can really do…”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong….. Wrong attitude

Two of the biggest things is to stop/reduce eating meat (specifically red meat) and you guessed it! Air travel.

I have refused to look at this in the past, I didn’t want to even think about flying being bad for the environment, or even consider stopping it. But after being vegan for 7 years, turning the light-switch off, making my own garden, it just feels hypocritical to fly.

Any given moment there is over 10,000 planes in the sky with over 1 million people in them.

I am not an extremist and I do not think we should stop all air travel right now, this minute! I also don’t think we should judge people that ‘have’ to travel, but if they ‘don’t have to’ travel then judge all you want (jk haha). What I think would be more sustainable and beneficial is to focus on moderation- perhaps instead of taking a trip every year by flight, maybe only flying once every 3 years or 5 years. Taking a flight because it is needed not because it is ‘wanted’.

It’s about moderation. Flying less and flying less far.

Ultimately, I think it will lead us in a positive direction. With more focus being on local. Exploring local, eating local and buying local. Focusing on where you live and creating a life you don’t need to escape from. Loving where your home is. Living closer to your family so that you don’t need to travel so much, which creates more support and stability in your life because you have a support network. As well, it allows for future generations to have a chance to also see some of the world because we didn’t live as though there was no tomorrow.

It doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling, just do it in a different way like this young man is doing.

How are airshows not banned yet?

So you may be growling at me by now if you have kept reading this article… Sorry, I don’t mean to upset you I just think it’s time we look at the facts. We can fly if we want to, we just can’t call ourselves environmentalist at the same time. Unnecessary travel has to stop if we want a healthy planet for future generations and ourselves.

If you need some negative enforcements of how much travel sucks to convince yourself to stop, here goes!

  • Destroys the environment – C02
  • Expensive, it will take all your savings and probably even cause debt!
  • Resource intensive – a lot goes in to getting your body across the world and back
  • Causes a lot of waste – plastic water bottles, plastic cutlery, airplane cutlery waste, mini disposable shampoo bottles and all those mini things we buy for travelling and throw away, all the stuff you buy that you never use again because it was only appropriate in that country. You don’t want to look like a south asian hippy at your office job.
  • Sickness, you will probably get the shits at some point and probably a parasite that may take you years to get rid of.
  • Did I say expensive? Now you need doctors to deal with all the post-travel stuff you picked up
  • Jetlag
  • Breakup – Could cause you and your friend or girlfriend/boyfriend to break up, let’s face it travelling isn’t easy
  • Uncomfortable- like almost all the time
  • Sunburns
  • Bugs… like BIG bugs you don’t have in your home country and they are most likely poisonous, let’s just say they are all poisonous (they look that way anyways)
  • People will judge you because you will have better instagram pictures than them and this will make them feel like their life is shit
  • Guilt- you will feel guilty for having better pictures than your friends
  • Humble bragging- may increase and it’s not pretty
  • Brag-nagging – will probably be some of this too
  • Addictive- travelling will probably make you crave more travelling
  • Dissatisfaction with your life, you will probably be bored of your life when you come back so best to not go in the first place. Then you will need a psychologist and that is $$$
  • Isolated- you will want to tell people your travel stories but no one will really want to listen or care
  • Breaks up your routine and your perfect circadieum rhythm. You may become addicted to melatonin
  • You will have to buy another SIM card… $
  • Paranoia- you will have to watch over your passport and all your expensive western person things that it will make you seem like you have OCD
  • Delusional – you will think you know everything about that place because you went there once for like two weeks.
  • Multiple personality Disorder- you will discover that you have more than one side to yourself

I could go on, but you get the point. Travelling is not really good for you anyway, so why bother. Stay home.

Thanks for reading.

I hope your next holiday is close in proximity no pun intended 🙂

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