Life Hack – The Middle Way

Could it be that Goldilocks was a genius? The children’s tale has some serious clout and when applied to the adult life it is a strong argument.

Thousands of years before Goldilocks, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was teaching the middle way. The way of moderation, of the way of in-between extremes. I believe his teachings are always relevant but in a modern world that has gone so far in extremes that can quickly escalate its seems a reminder is in order.

I see this everywhere I turn. The middle way is our saving grace. In the way we consume energy, in how we eat, in how we work, in how we relate to others, in how we exercise, think and even have sex.

Our world is a world of extremes- there is ravenous meat eaters and strict vegans, there are workaholics and people taking advantage of the welfare system, there is extremely rich people and many poor.

I sincerely believe the true life hack is MODERATION.

We need to find the middle ground to be healthy and happy.

I see how this applies to our own body. If we eat too much we are too heavy and lazy, if we don’t eat enough we don’t have the energy we need and are weak. If we eat too much meat we get heart disease, if we don’t get enough protein or iron we get anemia. If we don’t sleep enough we can’t function, if we sleep too much we feel off. If we travel too much we feel ungrounded, if we don’t move enough we get bored.

I see how this applies in society. If people work too much they don’t have time for themselves and for their families, if they don’t work enough they feel useless, lack dignity, feel hopeless and bored. If a society focuses too much on money, there is a lack of focus on what doesn’t produce money but brings happiness.

Life is a balance and it is up to us to look at our life and how we can create more moderation. Where are we in excess and where are we in lack? How can we manage our time and resources to ensure harmony and flow?

Begin to look at life in this way and your life. Where can you walk the middle way? Where do you find there is an imbalance? When you address this not only will you become happier but your health will most likely improve.

“The middle path is the way to wisdom”.


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