Living in Harmony

There are natural laws operating within us and all around us. Intuitively we know about them and try to work with them, but when we become imbalanced all harmony goes out the window.

The principle I will refer to in this article is from the ancient taoist tradition of China. Living in harmony with life, with the yin and the yang. We see this symbol everywhere but most of us don’t really know what is truly means.

Yin refers to the black (in the symbol), to the feminine, to the night, to the cold, to the quiet, to the winter. Yin is when we finally relax, curl up to sleep and when we allow ourselves to receive. Yang is the opposite. Yang is the white, it is the masculine, it is the day, the heat, the action, it is summer. Both yin and yang need the other to exist, for they put each other into motion or into stillness- they bring each other into harmony and into balance. With out each other they are not complete. They are always trying to find the other side to have harmony. It is for this reason that when we are active for a long time, we need rest to recuperate. It is why after having no action we crave it, we get bored and seek some adventure.

Ying Yang Symbol

Lately, I have been applying this principle to my life and seeing the ebbs and flows of life has been quite magical. Currently, I am in a very yin state. I am resting a lot, contemplating a lot, taking time to myself. However, in the months previous it was very go-go for me and there was enormous amounts of change and action, I sold my home, moved across the country and then had to buy a new home and well move in. Busy! Of course the state of yin has now followed the yang. Interestingly, another phenomenon I am noticing is that as I meant to be in this state of yin, if I try to do anything yang, the universe doesn’t cooperate. It is like I am swimming against the tide. It seems to be saying ‘you are in yin, accept it’. I am a fire type, so I impatiently try to accept, to relax, to do less but by nature I am yang and so I try to do and get out there but things are not working out when I do. There is something greater than me operating and the need for acceptance and surrender is obvious.

Living with the opposites to find harmony

There is also mini cycles within the big cycle. Even in a greater state of yin in my life, there are times in the day that are yang, and then followed by states of yin. Its a beautiful dance to watch as the cycle plays its self out.

So this gets me to how to live in harmony with life itself?

First of all, recognize which cycle am I in? Am I in a state of yin – needing rest, solitude, quiet, relaxation, sleep, meditation? Or am I in a state of yang- needing excitement, action, adventure, play, exploration, creation?

Once you know which state are you, the next question is ‘Am I balanced within this state?’

Am I too yin, meaning have I become too lazy, too depressed, too stuck?

Am I too yang, meaning have I become frustrated, impatient, feeling like I am burning out, excessively moving?

If you are in a balanced state and feeling good where you are, ENJOY IT! It won’t last forever, change is natural and will come. However, if you are feeling ‘too much’ of something than you are in a state of disharmony and not balanced. The remedy is then to engage in the other, if you are yin than engage in yang, get out there, get active, exercise, go socialize. If you are too yang, then slow down, relax, take some time in a retreat, do some journaling, have a bath, chill out.

Seeing this simple ancient philosophy in our life can greatly help us in our lives. It gives us awareness and knowledge of ourselves and what to do if we are not in harmony with ourselves. Nature is always trying to find harmony, trying to find balance. Observe yourself and you will see this within yourself as well.

The universe shows this principle everywhere

In a world that is so chaotic, so yang. Its is important to take time away from your phone, away from social media, away from others and just be with yourself. Remember who you are. Allow space for your soul, allow space for your own thoughts. Turn off the TV, stop flipping and scrolling. The wisdom of the universe is within you. When you are quiet and at peace, it emerges. That is why Yogi’s and monks, retreat. They go into the moutains, into a cave to learn about the universe. They don’t need schools or google. They just need themselves and nature. The answers will come when you give them the space to.

Sending you love on your journey. Please share if you have any insights regarding this topic. ❤

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