An Ode to the Plants

What words do you use to describe a love, a relationship that is so interconnected, so deep and so substantial for existence? It is more than just a lover or even a mother. It is everything.

If my plant teachers ceased so would the air I breathe, the clothes I wear, the home I protect, the foods and medicines I seek. They are my life.

Not only are they the sustainers and life givers, but they do it so beautifully, with grace, patience and selflessness.

They do whisper for attention, for love, for care. But we are too disconnected, too stressed and too busy to notice. We have forgotten the language of the plants, the language of love, the language of the land.

Our hearts are empty in this sterilized and plastic world. We feel a superficial existence. There is no depth to our life because we have no real connection with it, because what we are surrounded with is dead. We are no longer in a living environment. This distance to life has caused humanity to forget our co-creators. When we forget the language of the plants we forget the language of being human. We forget the magic of living.

But what has been forgotten, can be remembered again.

We pass a beautiful flower as it leans out to us, radiating its love and we admire it and it’s just enough for the flower to keep trying. ‘Yes, she noticed’! Perhaps all is not lost, perhaps the person turns back, takes a pause and deeply admires the beauty of creation. The beauty this flower is teaching. Perhaps even to start a relationship and to begin to discover that there is more to this flower than just its good looks, but its personality, its spirit, its complete willingness to share.

It is not too late to remember, the language in within us. The plants are here, whispering to us. But to hear a whisper, we must give our full attention, we must slow down and listen.

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