A Lesson From Nature About Living in Harmony with the World of Germs, Viruses and Bacteria

All of this hype has the world fighting against itself. Humans fighting against their environment. Our immune systems against the virus. One persons ideologies against anothers . It is another form of the mentality of us versus them. It is a war mentality. It is destructive, stressful and unhealthy. Instead of it being a war between another country, it is a war with everything around us and it freaks us out because it’s invisible and we can’t control it. Not only that, but we are in isolation, going through this alone.

The mentality of us versus them is destructive and it is unhealthy. Wanting to kill this virus, banish it off the face of this planet is creating a lot of fear and negativity.

As a naturalist, I think the way we are dealing with this virus doesn’t make much logical sense. We have created something bigger than the virus = fear. Fear is contagious, it is addictive and it will keep you frozen and dumb. Your brain stops working, you think short term, you want to run away, hide, or kill whatever is threatening you. Your amygdala (fear and survival and post primitive part of the brain is activated). Frontal lobe rational thinking goes out the window. Your cortisol spikes, your blood sugar goes out of whack and you can’t rest and you definitely can’t sleep. This state is not a state to make decisions. This is a state where mistakes are made.

If we look to nature, the wisest and most intelligent system in existence (and no it’s not man made). We see different forms of being. In the natural world, you rarely see something attacking something else to kill it and get rid of it. Instead, what is being attacked gets stronger so that it’s no longer attractive as a host. Yes, medicines can be needed to kill a parasite or a bug, but usually this is used as a last resort, and if consistently used over time it actually weakens what you are trying to protect. The first and most important step is to strengthen yourself, so you are not weak. Instead we are weakening our selves through stress and worry when it would be more advantageous to be resting and strengthening our immune system.

If you had an army you would want them to rest and eat well and be ready for battle if it does come. Whats happening here is our army is running around frantic, stressing about every stat, every number, missing meals, not sleeping, spending too much time on the computer and getting out of shape, wired and tired. Now the war comes and well which army would you want? Hell, I would want the well rested one, the second army isn’t going to do great. But this is what we are all doing here.

As human beings we need to become friends with the germ world, to stop being overly obsessed with antibiotics to the point of antibiotic resistance, being so fearful of germs that we have hand sanitizer on us every second. (Yes, right now use it to protect people that are elderly , immune compromised but I am speaking in this post about long term strategies). Germs and bacterial are here and they were here before we got here and they will be here after we go. Apparently, we evolved from bacteria, so hey! They help to decompose our bodies, they help to digest the food we eat in our gut, they are our friends. Yes, there is pathogens and viruses that are powerful but if we never exercise our immune systems they go out of shape and we become more vulnerable.

The key is to strength our immune systems. Have a strong boundary and nothing can come in. However, because of low quality food, not enough exercise, poor diets, stressful lifestyles, excessive sugar consumption, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, antibiotic obsession, living in an overly sterilized world, our immune systems are weaker and with the continued trend they will only get weaker. I think the answer is not more drugs, more sanitizers, more lysol wipes and more antibiotics. I think it is to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle where you take care of your body and your nature defences so that when a virus does come, because it will come and it will come again and again you are strong and healthy.

Our elderly have been weakened because of food that is devoid of nutrients, excessive pharmaceutical drugs, emf exposure, stress etc and not having enough money from their pensions to actually get what they need. Now, they must turn to protecting themselves using whatever they need to make sure they dont come into contact with the virus. Also, immune compromised people. But in addition, they also should be strengthening their immune systems, it is key!

For everyone else that is healthy, look after your immune system so you stay that way. Overly drugging yourself and putting so many chemicals into you can work the opposite way. Stress, anxiety lowers the immune system, so turn off your TV, turn off your phone and go exercise and get the stress out of your body. Tomorrow morning when you wake up, don’t go for the phone first thing in the morning, instead go for a walk, enjoy the birds singing and breath in the fresh air and give yourself a chance to be calm instead of in panic mode from the moment you wake up. Remember to be a human first before a machine.

The world is panicking right now and doing the best it can. You can choose to feed the panic, or to take a step back and choose to not feed it. To choose to feed your immune system and to relax and enjoy the day.

Take care of your body. Eat healthy organic food. Lean meats a couple times a week, fresh veggies and protein every meal, wild foods, medicinal mushrooms, herbs.

Here is some helpful friends traditionally used for strengthening the body and immune system:

  • Astragalus
  • Ashwaganda
  • Red Reshi Mushroom
  • Turkey Tail Mushroom
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Nettles (full of vitamins!)
  • Dandelion (full of vitamins!)
  • St.Johns wort
  • Lots of green veggies
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Rest
  • Exercise, cardio at least 3x a week for 20 minutes. You want to work up a sweat
  • Spending time with your dog or loved one, get that serotonin!

You don’t have to take all the herbs, pick one and see how it effects you.Take to your qualified heath practitioner/Doctor on what would work best for you. It is best to get what is local and near you. Also never over harvest and speak to someone about someone knowledgeable in wild harvesting or do your research before you attempt to do so.

I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. This is for education purposes only and please speak with your doctor or health practitioner before using any anything offered on this website.

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