How Your Energetic Structure and Ancestral Trauma is Impacting You + Support During Tough Times

At first when we thought this would last for a week or two it was easy to focus on using the time to get much needed rest, to work on projects we had put aside. Now as this is moving into months- mental health issues arise; loneliness, fear, depression, sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, boredom, grief etc.

The ups and downs can be intense and we may reach places in our minds that we didn’t know we had and probably never wanted to go to. We may loose balance in our minds and fall into negative stories. We may feel wonderful one day and completely apathetic and miserable the next. It’s the rollercoaster ride we wished we never got on.

Traumas that have been hidden come to the surface because we have space and time for them to rise. Thoughts we have tried to repress bubble up popping in our face. Desires that we are normally to busy to notice become obvious. Addictive patterns become more intense and we find ourselves slipping into old stories and perhaps behaviours we long thought we had outgrown.

Ancestral Trauma

Ancestral trauma gets re-triggered in us because of the global instability and the chaotic energies spinning around us these days. What do I mean by this? The trauma your ancestors felt during times of war and chaos are in your DNA (unless you have done healing work to heal it). When our world goes into similar energetic patterns those cellular memories, those frequencies get reactivated and the memory of the DNA gets triggered. We may feel unrationally fearful and anxious. We may have fears of death when there is no real threat to life, we may become paranoid or enter a state of shock. Our reactions become out of proportion to the issue. This is happening in many people and also on a global level (because there is so much unhealed trauma). We haven’t healed the past fear in our DNA and so it dances with the current fear and creates a feeling of complete overwhelm.

In addition to ancestral trauma we also have protective patterns we have developed when we were under the age of 5. We all have different body structures that we form which is a type of armouring to protect ourselves. This armouring takes on different energetic patterns in different people. Everyone is different and how they hold their bodies and energy is different. Depending on what triggered their armouring when they were a child they will hold their energy differently. This armouring is important because knowing how we hold and protect ourselves makes us more aware of when we are out of balance – what we do when we are out of balance – how to get back to our true self not our fearful child self.

Energetic Body Armouring

For instance, Psychopaths – fire types (please ignore the name it is an energetic label but doesn’t mean they are psychopath) they are those triggered by betrayal, when they become imbalanced they are paranoid and do not trust anymore or anything. They test people and keep their heart protected and closed.

Air element – Schizoids. Those triggered by birth trauma and hostility from the mother will react by going into Lala land, they will have deer in the headlight eyes, and escape into their own reality. They get ungrounded and have their head in the clouds.

Metal element- Ridged’s and they are triggered by having perfectionist parents, always having to have everything perfect. They are very hard on themselves and usually do not feel they have accomplished anything because it is never good enough. When stressed they will try to control everything. They will try to clean up the mess and keep things going. They can get very uptight and domineering.

Earth types- Masocists usually had an oppressive mother, they carry their energy heavy and usually walk quite loudly. They tend to become quiet and depressed when things become stressful. They keep things inside and can become melancholic.

Orals are the water types and usually this energetic pattern is formed by a sense of abandonment. They become very clingy when they are stressed, they need a lot of support and can drain other peoples energy. They are very cute with large eyes and pouty lips and you may feel sorry for them and give them the comfort they need.

This was a brief overview of the 5 energetic patterns people can take on in the body. They go much more into detail but I wanted to give you an idea that how we do one thing is how we do everything. How we are reacting to the present times is probably how we react to stressful events in the past. It is not our fault and we do have energetic patterns running in our body that help to keep us in this pattern. It is good to know what they are and then you know when you are unbalanced and stuck in your pattern. We usually are mainly 1-2 patterns but we all have a little bit of every pattern. It’s helpful to know this knowledge, because let’s face it, when we are stressed we don’t think clearly and the outside world may not be as we think it is, but rather how we project it to be.

Knowing your pattern also helps you to know what to do to balance it. If you are air, then ground your self. If you are fire, cool yourself down, let yourself come out of attack mode and open your heart, if you are earth move your body and get the depression out, if you are water learn to make boundaries and soothe yourself. If you are metal learn to be flexible.

Another tip for helping to support yourself during this time that I would like to share is.

Supportive Exercise

Write down on paper what helps you to feel joy, opens your heart and what you have noticed in the past helps to calm you down and bring you back to yourself.

For me the list I wrote was: Reading, Qi gong, Drumming, Singing, Writing, doing art, talking with a friend, having a bath, spending time outside in nature, going for a run, watching a comedy, spending time with my dog, just sitting outside in the sun and being, deep breathing, flower essences, medical mushrooms like Reishi, connecting with plants, taking passionflower and skullcap tincture.

Now post this on your fridge or vision board, somewhere where you will see it everyday. Those days when you get triggered, or stuck in fear and your structure pick one thing on that list to do. You can even decorate the list, or instead of having it in words have it in drawings and make it look pretty, whatever you want but doing this will help to remind you that you have tools, you have things that bring you joy. When we are stressed we forget, we go into the sympathetic nervous system and we become literally dumb because all of our resources are used for instincts not prefrontal lobe thinking. So lists help and seeing them help to remind you when the dark cloud looms overhead.

A picture a friend shared with me that shows our connection to life and ancestors

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