As Above, So Below

A recent painting I did exploring sacred geometry, the intelligence of nature and the profound wisdom of ancient cultures that were connected to the Earth.

“As above, so Below” 24×26, canvas, acrylic ©Angelika Forray

All around us there is magic. This magic is reflected in the Milky Way, shooting stars and far off galaxies. It is in the depth of Mother Earth’s mysterious oceans and the sun warming up sandy seashores. The magic is divinely intelligent, mathematically complicated yet incredibly simple. It is the law of nature and it is all around us. It’s order effect’s how our bodies function, how the seasons turn and even when it rains. The key to this magic is maintaining homeostasis- balance. When any one element becomes excessive it imposes on the rest and leads to dis-ease. The medicine is always to do whatever is necessary to come back to balance.

If the waters run too deep, then the fires of the sun are needed .If the fires run wild, the cooling waters are needed to quench the thirst. If the heaviness of the Earth weighs us down to a stasis, the sacred winds are called to dance. If the winds are too scattered the grounding, nurturing and nourishing earth is needed to soften us. If our soul has run empty from prioritizing distraction, and we have lost touch with the beauty and magic of life; Spirit is needed. Spirit turns the wheel of life and it is the witness to the magic that recognizes the significance of the stars in the sky and the starfish is the sea.

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