Angelika Forray

Author – Artist – Shamanic Practitioner – Ayurvedic Therapist

Angelika Forray is the author of ‘Rise in Love’. She is an abstract painter and ceramic artist.

Her focus is on the natural and supernatural realms of existence and our perspective of them. She enjoys creating paintings that have multiple meanings and encourage the viewer to dive deep within themselves to find their own understanding. Perhaps emerging changed because of the work.

Angelika’s style is expressive and spontaneous. Her love of mark making in is featured in her works, emphasizing texture and sensory experience.

As a writer, she writes poetry that speaks to the human experience. Much of her emphasis is spiritual and her books reflect this.

It is in our spontaneous movement that we find our most natural self”

Angelika has also studied shamanism and natural medicine for well over a decade. She has a growing practice and leads workshops on natural healing.

What I do:
  • Author of Spiritual and Self Development Books
  • Artist Specializing in Ceramics and Abstract Painting
  • Healing Sessions
  • Body Work