Rise in love: from SEPARATION to connection

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“Rise In Love: From Separation to Connection” by Thalita Angelika Forray

Don’t fall in love! Rise in Love!

When we fall in love we fall into illusion, into separation and we live in fantasy rather than reality. Rising in love is about becoming our best self, it is about uniting all of the fragmented parts of ourselves and coming into a state of healing, joy and happiness. To rise in love is to love ourselves in totality and to see things as they truly are – to realize we are perfect as we are and that we have so much to offer the world when we embody our true selves.

The book ‘Rise in Love’ is not just about romantic relationships. It is about EVERY relationship, those with ourselves and those with others. We are constantly in relationship to everything around us and if we are unhealed, or hurt we do not see the world in a clear way. By rising in love, we heal our hearts, which heal our minds and create clarity. Then we see things as they are.

Rising in love is a journey of the soul and this book offers many meditations and practices from many different traditions to heal the heart and soul and to awaken us to our highest destiny. There are reflections periodically in the book to assist the reader to go deeper and to reflect on their life.

The book is written to inspire and to motivate those on their healing
journey. This book is for those that are advanced on their spiritual path or for those that are just starting.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to step into a life that makes your heart sing? Are you ready to awaken your soul so that you can live out your destiny?

Rise up and Rise in love, the universe is waiting.